In this fast-paced world and era of instant gratification, it is critical to get the attention of potential customers quickly. To make your product or service stand out from others, you need to present it interestingly and appealingly. A good story, presented in the form of a video message, can do wonders for your marketing campaign. It can communicate about your brand and the product in a couple of minutes and make a favorable impression of the product. Video marketing helps to target your potential customer and in growing your business and brand. In this article, we will discuss why video marketing is important and what are the significant advantages of video marketing.


Why is Video Marketing Important?

According to Wyzowl63% of video marketers say that the number of video views is one of the metrics by which they measure the ROI on their video content” .Video marketing is important as it conveys a whole lot in seconds and minutes. It is said that a visual image is processed 60,000 times faster than text. And video marketing employs moving visuals along with audio and a storyline for a bigger impact. These are engaging, can be tailored towards different marketing needs, and are measurable. These are some of the reasons among several others that you can cite in support of the importance of video marketing. Let us elaborate on these in the section below.


Advantages of Video Marketing –

1. Popularity over Other Mediums

Videos are consumed more than any other content in the world. Videos have even reached those audiences who have never read a newspaper or a book. More than 4 billion videos are watched every day on YouTube alone. There is a huge market to be tapped and advertisers can seize this opportunity. Video marketing can easily educate and inform the consumer about the product, and it does not even take much time. An impactful message can be conveyed within 2 or 3 minutes. Since the message is usually in the form of a good story, the audience is entertained and not bored. This can provide you with a competitive edge and has been known to increase business volume by nearly fifty percent. This is one of the major advantages of video marketing.


2. Lead Generation and Sales Conversion


Video marketing contributes in a big way towards lead generation and sales conversion. Video marketing nudges the customer to buy the product or visit a website for further exploration which increases the probability of lead generation. The video should be short with a catchy hook to instantly engross the customer and as per the goal either point towards a solution by using the product or generate curiosity regarding the product. One other advantage of video marketing is that if a video is added to the product description on websites, the product sales are known to increase by nearly forty percent. This is a significant increase and points to the effectiveness of a video ad. 


3. Easily and Increasingly Shared

Videos are increasingly being shared. They are shared across groups and platforms. A Facebook video is shared on WhatsApp and a YouTube video on Facebook, Instagram and Tumbler. An interesting video advertisement for a brand can reach a wide range of audiences organically in this manner. It increases brand awareness and visibility and allows the consumer and the brand to interact through comments and messages. To reap these advantages of online video advertising, create a tailor-made video for the targeted audience and get a dedicated team to interact with the consumers and answer their queries through comments. 


4. Accessible on Multiple Devices

Video marketing as the name suggests is easily accessible through various mediums. These can be shared through motion pictures, televisions, computers, and mobiles. The popularity of mobiles as a viewing device has increased exponentially due to increased internet penetration and affordable data plans. Now, most of the e-commerce business and engagement are carried through mobile apps only. A short video of less than half a minute attracts the attention of a customer and leads to more sales than carrying out a full-blown advertisement in a newspaper which may not reach the targeted audience. Social media sites increasingly target the customers based on locations and prior sales history and stream the video ads suited to that. A call to action within this short frame leads to more sales conversion. This is one more point to be listed in the advantages of video marketing.


5. Video Advertising Engages Even the Laziest Consumers

Video content is easy to consume and does not take much effort. To get information about a product or how it works you do not need to read the lengthy descriptions or long-winded user manuals. A short video message demonstrates and informs quickly than the tediously written Do It Yourself manuals can. Video marketing reaches a wide range of audiences and even the so-called laid-back customers get the message and evolve into returning customers from just being a targeted audience. 


6. Online Visibility and SEO Advantage

The importance of video marketing can be gauged by the fact that search engines favor video content over other forms. Their algorithms rank video content above others. You may have noticed if you search for a recipe or a troubleshooting or DIY query, the videos show first. Thus, good video content can rank higher in search engine results. This can be done by posting the video content on your blogs, websites, and through different social media handles. Ensure that the video ad is optimized for the target audience. This helps in connecting with the target customer and increases sales. 


7. Analytics and Measurement

Video advertisements appearing on television can be measured through surveys. On the other hand, video marketing online can easily be measured on different parameters. Each of the social media sites has its analytical tools to sort the data and get relevant figures and information. Marketers use these tools to assess the popularity of a particular video through the likes, shares, or comments it receives. This feedback and interaction through the videos translate into valuable data and relevant information. This helps in building a high-impact marketing campaign and customize the message towards the right audience. This can be cited as one of the major advantages of video marketing.


8. Cost Friendly and High Return on Investment

Video marketing on online platforms is far-reaching and cheaper compared with traditional mediums like print and television mediums. A printed advertisement will be forgotten the next day and along with the medium may languish in the scrapyard later on. A television advertisement will cost every time it is displayed and banners and hoardings are costly as they are displayed in prime real estate locations. Online video ads can be customized towards your target audience which translates to less cost and better sales conversion and thus improved ROI. A study on the advantages of video marketing showed that it generated better ROI for 52 percent of customers than all the other mediums. This is a high and encouraging data to convert the customers towards video marketing than other mediums. 


9. Unlimited Exposure 

Video advertisements are not limited to a particular medium only. Unlike print media or hoardings these can be shared across multiple platforms. These can be shared through television, before starting, and during breaks in a movie theatre, computers, mobiles, and then through several apps. This helps in more exposure and recognition for the brand. One of the benefits of online video advertising is that an interesting video ad can get viral and get international exposure through customers sharing it across apps that are not limited by geographical boundaries. 


10. Flexibility and Impact

Video marketing on various platforms gives the option to customers to watch the ad in full or skip after a few seconds. Some ads play in full but only for a few seconds. For example, the Zomato ad currently circulating is just seconds in length, but gets its point across with an impact. Thus, targeted consumers are not irked as they get to watch their favorite series, songs, or content with just a few seconds delay and marketers get their message across at the same time. Thus, flexibility and impact in just a few seconds are also major advantages of video marketing.  



So, these are some advantages of video marketing over other mediums. These benefits are not limited to the above 10 only. Videos are hugely popular and marketing and branding can be embedded in between interesting videos too. Websites having informational or explainer videos for their products get more sales and traffic. Video marketing has an edge over other mediums and should be implemented by the brands trying to grow their business. 

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