Corporate video is an umbrella term that includes all types of corporate videos used for internal and external company communication demonstrations. 

The corporate world is spread all around the globe and has become the most advantageous structure to enter the business market. However, marketing strategists rely on different types of corporate videos to spread awareness about a business or company. These corporate videos deliver the essence of the inner happenings of the business world and make the viewers and clients feel like a part of the business According to Wyzowl “63% of video marketers say that the number of video views is one of the metrics by which they measure the ROI on their video content” 

The significance of different types of corporate videos are immense, and they are thus used to target different purposes and audience. Here in this blog, we will tell you ten types of corporate videos that can escalate your marketing game.

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What Are Corporate Videos? Different Types Of Corporate Videos To Include

The common goal of every business is to attract and earn potential customers, and corporate videos play a crucial role in attracting clients and making a base for a successful business. Since multiple departments run a corporate business world together, such as administration, research, development, marketing, human resource, finance, customer support, etc, the corporate videos target each of these departments and bring the best of your business into the limelight.

The following are ten main types of corporate videos that will push your business positively.

1 Business Profile Videos

Out of all types of corporate videos, business profile videos are one of the most prominent and favoured. This corporate video type provides a broad spectrum overview of the business, from products to services. This is a maximum 2-minute long video that showcases the industry, what they are and what they do. While creating a business profile video for your company, it’s important to include basic things, such as your purpose, history, values, and short messages from high-ranking executives for the best results.

2 Promotional/Brand Videos

Then comes promotional or brand videos; these are types of corporate videos that are made for advertising purposes. Unlike business profile videos that are strictly formal, promotional videos work by creating a buzz around the viewers to pave a path for conversations and, ultimately, popularity. The promotional videos focus on the services and products the business offers, and promotion videos are further divided into two subcategories based on the product and services.

3 Illustrative Videos

These types of corporate videos can also be called explainer videos, whose purpose is to highlight a service or product of the business in bright colours. The difference between brand and illustrative corporate videos is that promotional videos showcase a company’s services and products in general, whereas illustrative videos focus on a particular service or product. 

For example, if a business makes skincare products, then showing why they make them, its motto and skin care products will be a brand video and telling about a specific skincare product will be an illustrative corporate video.

4 Investor Relations/ Financial Results Videos

Among other types of corporate videos, investor relation corporate videos are aimed at investors and employees of the business. This corporate video has the capability to communicate the business’s ethos to investors and show public opinions about the company and its products and services.

5 Recruiting, Safety, And Training Videos

You must have seen ‘how-to’ videos before; these are training and safety types of corporate videos. These corporate videos are intended to teach employees about a disciplined work environment.  It is an effective way to demonstrate the culture and operation of the business to them. 

6 Internal Communication Videos

When you are working on changing your business model or trying to upgrade the workings within the business surroundings, you need to tell & involve the employees about it, and internal communication videos are the right way to achieve the cause. These types of corporate videos are helpful in sharing information within the company and clients about updated norms.

7 Event/Trade Show Videos

This type of corporate videos covers events and trade shows. These videos are generally a compilation or recaps of the company event, compiled and edited to show the best moments of the whole show. The motive of this type of corporate video is to target both employees and clients of the business and promote the brand. For example, the conferencing seminar video can be used to inform the audience about internal happenings.

8 Client/ Customer Testimonial Videos

If you are talking about customer testimonials, these types of corporate videos are called customer testimonial videos. These corporate videos can depict either employee or client reviews. For instance, if you are a beauty product seller, a customer video advocating the product’s benefits that will help you win more customers is called a customer testimonial video. 

Similarly, an employee testimonial video about the company’s workings will be great for attracting more potential employees.

9 Corporate Social Guidelines Videos 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) videos are used to promote the business’s social and charitable cause. These types of corporate videos are a great way to showcase your business as more than a product or service; these videos help spread your business’s awareness and brand values.

10 All About The Brand Videos

The last among all types of corporate videos will help you showcase everything about your brand to the clients. These corporate videos can be called 360-degree videos, demonstrating snippets of everything involved in a product or brand making. For example: if you are a clothing business, this corporate video type will include how clothes are chosen, tailored and processed to make a beautiful outfit. 

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